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Complex Financial Planning

I've always believed a portfolio manager's capabilities could be enhanced by technology or hindered by its absence. Even the most qualified portfolio analyst relies on data on which to base their opinions. Blinded by limited data, they can provide little more than an educated guess regarding an investment. I subscribe to multiple services for developing my universe of potential investments. With access to thousands of metrics, I can screen to identify companies that have specific characteristics coupled with to-the-minute current research from only unbiased independent analysts. Candidly, I maintain 6-8 sources of information in addition to the applications I've described in detail. This abundant roster demands a significant budget commitment for sure. I’m happy to share the tools I subscribe off line, but I’ve invested a lot to create my competitive advantage and want to protect it. 
Plans may sometimes seem unintelligible, but these detailed plans make more sense when armed with these elevated applications. I believe well-equipped investment advisors can offer clients a much-improved probability of success. Do not risk falling short of your most important goals by failing to have a comprehensive financial strategy. Technology enhances my abilities, and my clients can reap the rewards!

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What is next?

Prospective clients should begin a consultation with a risk assessment and short-form planning probability analysis. The links below will allow you to experience our technology while making the most of your interaction with Graham Wealth Management. Please respect the time it takes to prepare a detailed analysis and enter accurate information. With consideration to suitability and best interest rules, no investment advice will be given prior to client engagement. 

Once you have found comfort in a plan that accounts for your personal future, you will need to carry out the actions called for in order to get on track.  Using the full breadth of instruments below, we can help you fund your plan in almost any way imaginable.  We will help you select methods for funding your plan and take the confusion out of those choices for you. 

The best "next step" is to select the link below and complete a brief point-and-click questionnaire. It's unlike any you've seen before! No private information-just selecting your preference of potential risk/reward versus a fixed return. These decisions are weighed by an algorithm and determine your "Risk Number™ ." You can also get a free portfolio analysis using Riskalyze. 

If, after that, you would like to continue to explore engaging the GWM team, I will use the analysis from the first stage to present a deeper assessment of your existing portfolio and the probability of achieving target returns using capital market assumptions. At this point, I believe you will know if you're comfortable with my approach. If so, we will complete short-form planning as the professional engagement is formalized. Larger complex estates usually warrant deep-dive planning incorporating all facets of your financial life.

Completely open architecture affords the flexibility to employ an endless universe of possible investments. I am required, as a fiduciary, to avoid or disclose any potential conflict of interest. I only earn transactional compensation on insurance products, which are commonly a solution for a specific element of the plan.

As a boutique practice, we do not seek volume; instead, we focus intensely on our clients and deliver proactive service. Our dedication to client satisfaction is a reminder that we depend on current clients' referrals for tomorrow's business growth.



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