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A Unique Wealth Management Experience

Investing is difficult! There are three investment theories (Odd Lot, Greater Fool, and Prospect) founded on the principal that individual investors do precisely the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time. This is why investment returns and investor returns (using the same instrument) are rarely the same! The most experienced investment professionals often suffer the very same emotions. Fear and greed, powerful human emotions have always influenced investors actions.

As a student of the markets, JC can help guide clients through difficult market and economic situations. His multi-phase approach and use of some of the best-in-breed technology can help you feel more comfortable in your financial plan. His focus on risk-adjusted returns can help reduce volatility and help smooth the course towards reaching your goals.

Analyze Current Information

We begin by gathering information and statements to define your starting point and determine if your goals and investments are aligned.

Technology Powered Plan Development

We then introduce our cutting-edge risk analysis software and our comprehensive financial planning application to help you prioritize and strategize an efficient, acceptable means of funding your goals.

Strategy Implementation

When ready to implement your strategy, a conscientious cost averaging process begins with careful consideration of tax efficiency. With few limitations, our open architecture platform offers a vast array of investment products from which to choose.

Service and Monitoring

Years of experience serving wealth management clients has enabled me to engineer a service routine customized to suit your preferences. Your accounts are monitored by live and electronic methods to stay on top of developments that could require attention. 


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